Talent Acquisition

Our separate, dedicated teams for outsourcing, contracting, recruitment and onboarding ensures focus, quality and quick response time. At one hand, we help candidates get the right job which helps them build their career that are aligned with their goals. Our specialised HR team also helps them develop the requisite skills needed and also provides career guidance at every stage of their career. On the other hand, we work with clients to identify and recruit the right talent with relevant skill set that fits the companies’ culture. Over 30,000 employees placed across diverse sectors and roles are testimony to our success. In essence, when you outsource your HR services to us, you can focus on growing your core business while we completely take care of your HR worries.

Over the years our company has constantly updated and upgraded itself to be on top of the emerging trends. As a result, we have better insights and know-how than anyone else in the industry. This, coupled with a vast reservoir of candidate database from across the globe, makes us perfectly poised to deliver to our client’s requirements, however unique and customised they might be.


Retained exclusive searches are undertaken on the behest of our valued clients to fill in senior positions with candidates either from UAE or Globally.


To meet our clients’ ever-expanding hiring plans, we offer specialized volume recruitment service at competitive rates.


Contingent recruitment mandates span senior executives, mid-management and junior level roles. These services are paid, subject to successful placement of candidates.


Candidates are sourced from overseas either directly or through our associates and partners in India, Pakistan, Jordan, Philippines, Egypt and Morocco. We always endeavor to forge more alliances on a constant basis.